the times square gym




Essay by Pete Hamill, 60 photographs, 80 pages

Joyce Carol Oates's review of the times square gym 
monograph in DoubleTake Magazine

"Goodman's sympathy for these young athletes is apparent, and his skill at capturing what might be called aesthetic sympathy is riveting. John Goodman's technically brilliant the times square gym may well take its place as one of those works of memoralist beauty dedicated to boxing and the myriad ways it has gotten into our blood."

Joyce Carol Oates' review

Duane Michals's review of John Goodman's the times square gym monograph

"John Goodman's 'the times square gym' is the best book about boxing that I've ever seen. It is very reminiscent of the great Brodovitch's book 'Ballet' in the way it captures the atmosphere of the boxer's world. You can almost hear the thud of the gloves hitting each other and smell the smoke and perspiration. All in all this is a wonderful accomplishment."

Duane Michals' hand written review




Toni Bentley's review of Boxers+Ballerinas at Rick Wester Fine Art

"Goodman’s images do not capture the public moments of victory and applause, but he goes backstage with his subjects—the gym and the stage’s wings—and his view would seem so intimate as to be voyeuristic, were it not for his evident respect, even awe. "

New York Review of Books / April 3, 2014

Pete Hamill's introduction to John Goodman's the times square gym monograph

"The times square gym...represents that rarest of artistic achievements: a monumental homage to the lower working class. Its poignancy owes to its unflinching lack of sentimentality."

Pete Hamill's full introduction

Christopher Millis review of Embody exhibition at Howard Yezerski

"It easy to wish for more of his work.... particularly since the vast majority of his images are marked not by abstraction but by their fleeting figurativeness. (Even his posed stills have momentum.) I was grateful to be introduced to his enormous talent."

Enthusiastic Chicago Bookseller

"Jimmy Glenn, former owner and trainer of the Times Square Gym is one of the unsung heroes in the boxing game. He has trained the best and seen the toughest boxers ever to set foot in the ring. This book is a true homage to a holdout establishment that finally succumbed to the wrecking ball in the wake of NY’s Disneyization. The pictures in this book capture the look, feel and smell of what it was like to enter that rarely travelled circle of the serious boxer looking to make it to the big time."

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"The Times Square Gym was a 'home' for many young boxers. There is almost a genetic connection between the older trainers and the younger boxers. It's beautiful to watch all the wisdom and love, which probably sounds surprising. That is what I was interested in, not necessarily the combat."
- John Goodman

A Few Rounds of Photography: A Conversation with John Goodman
Camera Arts August/September 1999 edited by John Paul Caponigro

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